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Trigon Farm started in 2020 as a family business run by Al, Mariana and our son Seb. After growing veggies on an allotment for 6 years we decided to transition to a bigger area, where we can start from scratch and design our new farm using permaculture principles, no-dig and regenerative agriculture practices. We are passionate about growing chemical free food and cook the food using simple recipes.

We use the no-dig method to grow vegetables and flowers, where we do not disturb the soil but we let the microorganisms, fungi and worms do their work and in turn the whole soil structure improves over time. Our aim is to create a stable, biodiverse ecosystem.

We offer no-dig and permaculture courses, flower workshops, educational days out for schools, Farm to Table dinners, sustainable weddings, hen dos and other private events, sustainability talks for company Green Day events, seasonal flowers and veggies. 

We offer sustainable flowers for any occasion. Our flower arrangements use only natural, compostable ingredients as we work to increase sustainability in floristry and encourage ingenuity and innovation in floral displays.

The farm is our cumulative experiences in growing, cooking, teaching and entertaining. 

Trigon farm, a sustainable permaculture site growing flowers and veggies usind the no dig method. Pizzas, wood-fired oven, classes, workshops and farm to table dinners.
Trigon Farm team showing veggies and flowers grown in the no dig gardening beds. We also cook pizzas every Friday, host farm to table dinners, private events and courses and workshops.


Trigon Farm rests on three pillars - Learn, Practice and Teach. We start by learning how to design new ecosystems that benefit nature and humans (permaculture), continue by practicing no-dig and regenerative agriculture to build our sustainable ecosystem and then teach others how to do the same. This way we don't just change ourselves and our land but also many others who are seeking a similar path.  

Butterflies enjoy Trigon Farm chemical free flowers.


We can already see a healthy ecosystem forming here at Trigon Farm and that is what we will continue to strive for - healthy soil, plants, animals and humans. As we are passionate about cooking with the fresh veggies we grow, we also put together a series of simple recipes, just click the button below to read them.


Business BOOST 2 Grant 

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded a grant for a new farm petting area. Business BOOST 2 is a project funded by the UK government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund delivered by North Devon and Torridge District Council in partnership with North Devon +

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