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Sage salt

For this recipe we literally need 2 ingredients: sage and salt. You can use other combinations as well: tarragon and salt, thyme and salt, basil and salt.

You can use 50% sage and 50% salt or you can use more salt or more sage.


Pick up fresh sage from your garden. Preferably you should wash it, separate the stems from the leaves. We will only use the leaves, make sure they dry well before you can use it. In a food processor combine the sage with salt. If you do not have a food processor or blender then you can finely chop the herbs with a knife or use a pestle and mortar. I use coarse sea salt, you can use rock salt etc. After blending it together, spread it on a tray and leave it to dry in a well ventilated area, turn with the spoon once a day so it dries evenly. After it dried well store it in jars. Make sure the jars are clean, washed in hot water and dried.

The reason why we will not dry the sage first and then mix it with the salt is because fresh sage contains oils which will infuse the salt first and then the end result will be an aromatic salt.

You can use this salts as a dry rub for meats; sprinkle over fish, roasted veggies, focaccia bread and over chips. The possibilities are endless.

This can be a perfect homemade gift.

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