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Why a No Dig farm?

Trigon Farm isn't just about beautiful flowers and delicious farm-to-table meals; it's a beacon of sustainability, a testament to the power of conscious choices in nourishing both the land and the community. Let's delve into the "why" behind our core principles:

1. No-Dig Revolution:

Unlike traditional methods that turn the soil and disrupt its delicate ecosystem, Trigon Farm embraces the no-dig approach. This means nurturing the soil as a living organism, teeming with beneficial microbes and fungi. By layering compost on top of existing soil, we:

• Protect Soil Structure: No digging prevents erosion and preserves the natural air pockets and channels crucial for root growth and water drainage.

• Boost Soil Health: Compost attracts earthworms and other beneficial creatures, enriching the soil with organic matter and nutrients.

• Reduce Carbon Footprint: Digging releases trapped carbon dioxide, while no-dig farming helps sequester carbon back into the soil, contributing to climate change mitigation.

2. Regenerative Farming Rebirth:

Trigon Farm goes beyond simply sustaining the land; we actively regenerate it, by implementing practices like cover cropping, and fostering biodiversity, we:

• Improve Soil Fertility: Different plants extract and deposit different nutrients, creating a balanced and thriving soil ecosystem.

• Enhance Natural Pest Control: Diverse plantings attract beneficial insects and birds that prey on harmful pests, eliminating reliance on chemical pesticides.

• Build Resilience: A healthy, biodiverse ecosystem becomes more resilient to extreme weather events and fluctuations in temperature and rainfall.

3. Local Love Story:

Trigon Farm champions the importance of local sourcing, from seed to plate. By choosing local suppliers and cultivating our own produce, we:

• Reduce Environmental Impact: Transportation emissions are minimized, promoting a cleaner carbon footprint.

• Support the Community: We invest in local farmers and businesses, strengthening the community's economic fabric.

• Ensure Freshness and Flavour: Locally grown food travels less, retaining its peak freshness and delivering superior taste.

Success Stories and Challenges: Sharing the Human Connection

But the story of Trigon Farm isn't just about scientific principles; it's about passion, dedication, and the human connection to the land. Sharing our victories and struggles resonates with eco-conscious consumers:

• The tree planting: By adding 1450 new native trees we reintroduce these majestic carbon sequestrating, natural ecosystem forming elements.

• The Water Conservation Challenge: By capturing rainwater we alleviate the need for mains water so we are totally off-grid. Rainwater lasts forever and our aim is to capture more every year and use when needed.

I hope this provides a deeper dive into the "why" behind Trigon Farm's practices and offers some inspiration for connecting with eco-conscious growers and consumers through storytelling and shared experiences.

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